SomeWhat of a quick update....

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SomeWhat of a quick update.... Empty SomeWhat of a quick update....

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 22, 2010 2:39 pm

Ok so I decided I'd post about what the hell we've been doing =]

To be honest the engine is feature complete, the is just a few bugs and a fair bit of work to finish up the battle system ( woops I said that outloud didn't I? ) And some stuff stills needs wrapping to lua.
Overall I'd say the engine is..

I doubt you'll be suprised when I say Luke ( WSP_SNIPER ) has been slacking however the core functionality we need is 100% implemented.
Overall I'd say the editor is..

We have a 3 pixel artists and 2 concept artists currently and they are starting to get enough art together so we can work on the first area.

So things are coming along nicely Smile

*******Help wanted*********
We still lack ANY orginial sound/music so if anybody that can compose 16-bit styled music or sounds that would like to join the team please don't hesitate to mesasge me or anyone else on the team or join our forums and post in the reqruits sub-forum

Our forum:
And our website:

If you have any question then please ask, and if you know anyone who may be intrested or any good comunitys where we may be able to find someone then please point us in the right direction Wink
*******Help wanted*********

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