What point of development we are currently at

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What point of development we are currently at Empty What point of development we are currently at

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:47 am

I thought I should make this thread because I did promise that we would post updates if people followed us on the forum.

So currently are team are

Nico ( Dev_Rules )-

*Engine programmer



*Project founder

*Whatever art I can produce that looks fit for the project

Luke ( WSP_SNIPER )-

*Level editor programmer




*Whatever art he can do

Michael ( acerookie )-


Gino ( ... )-

*Beta testing

So far our engine is allmost to the point where we can start working on the game as all the low level stuff like Graphics, sound, audio etc is all finished.

The engines higher level things like Items, Equipment, Maps, NPC's are all mostly done but the main priority right now to do is NPC's, lua and the battle system.

Once I've done this all that we are waiting on to actully start on the game is
Artwork, lua and lukes editor.

So if any artists are reading this *smiles* Laughing

Any questions are welcome.

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